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It's me: Renegade

Hello! It's me, Renegade. The author of this website and the modifications provided here (paint jobs, light boxes, etc.). I am a gray-haired mature man, born in 1964. My big hobby is the computer. Originally I come from the Amiga, with the I already operated mailboxes in the 80s and also practiced GFABasic a little. Even if only things at GFABasic of poor quality that would not have been worth publishing. Then I changed at the beginning of the new millennium to the somewhat more modern Windows PC. At the beginning it was a rather slow computer with Windows 2000, after that a slightly faster one Computer with Windows XP and later with Windows 7. For some years now I have had a quad-core PC with an Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.30GHz CPU. Initially I used it with Windows 7, for some time now with Windows 10 as a 64-bit version. I define myself as an introvert and prefer to be silent before I do anything stupid like I think it is after doing way too many people. When it comes to friendship, I've become very picky over the many years I've spent too many I met people who simply disappointed or frightened me. Since I have come to the realization that I prefer to withdraw and from the calm that I have here at home, new strength for mine to do a stressful job, I prefer to deal with my PC and the things that interest me the most. And that's for On the one hand the graphics processing (skinning for ETS2 and ATS) and on the other hand the construction and conversion of websites (I also have this website for mine Rebuilt as I like it. I have to say that the original template for this website was written by S.I.S. Papenburg (www.on-mouseover.de) comes from. However, I have modified it so that you hardly know it again.

SCANIA my passion

However, my great passion is driving virtual trucks in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 and the American Truck Simulator. I prefer to drive the Scania brand and here the models R4, R5/6 and Scania S 2016. But I also like to drive trucks of the brands Volvo (FH16), DAF (XF) and Mercedes Benz (Actros MP4). In ATS I like to drive the Peterbilt 389. But also a Volvo VNL or one I love driving the Kenworth K100. And so it is not surprising that I have opened my own small freight forwarder in which I do form a small but crazy team of enthusiasts with two Steam friendships, for whom no distance is too far.

Incidentally, when driving I am a careful and sensible driver who controls his truck with an overview and adapted to every situation. That means that I drive my truck according to the regulations valid in real road traffic.

In this regard, I have an important concern:

There may be people out there who need to prove themselves to your friends, acquaintances, or family, to catch their respect. That's why many people get into their cars (which, incidentally, are not a racing car - it only has far too much horsepower for some of you who can not really "drive" a car, but only imagines it!).
The set of rules, which we call the Road Traffic Regulations here, is made for all of us and for them Safety of everyone involved in road traffic. That is to say, it is made to be tiny to maintain and thus to guarantee road safety. Who thinks he has a fast car, with which he can accelerate at will and the speed limits in town or on highways can ignore who is wrong. And quite awesome! Not following the laws is not just uncool. It is also negligent and therefore murderous! You are not only endangering the people around you, but also yourself and those who may be driving with you.

Racing in road traffic is absolutely a "NO GO"!

It is also a NO GO not to stick to street signs or traffic lights or to ignore them completely. Some people get a driver’s license and have forgotten everything on the first trip with their private car, what the driving instructor(s) tried to avoid in the driving school. Many people are prohibited from stopping or parking, honk, although it is forbidden, races at one as if kicked by the elephant Tram passing, although passengers get on and off there, or ignores red traffic lights or stop and "Pay attention" sign. Such full posts should be handcuffed in place, locked away and the Cancel the key!

Now everyone can understand this as an appeal to your reason! Wake up and turn your head on before you goes out and gets in a car!
If you want to contact me now or have any question for me, please use my Contact Form.


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