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Euro Truck Simulator 2

Various Scania Lightboxes for:
Scania R & Streamline Modification by RJL

Lightbox: Transport ciezki (white) 2


A lightbox labeled "Transport ciezki" (white with stripes) for Scania R&Streamline Modification by RJL (ETS2)

Scania R&Streamline Modification by RJL
for ETS2 is available at:
Steam Workshop


SCS, ZERO922, Renegade


Modmanager Ready

Compatible to:

ETS2 v1.28.x/1.29/1.30/1.31/1.32/1.33 (or above)

Please note:
It is not necessary to unpack this file
This .zip-file is the Mod!!
ETS2 can handle both file extensions .scs and/or .zip

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DE: Der Download ist NUR für den privaten Gebrauch erlaubt. Jeglicher Reupload auf andere Platformen und Server ohne meine Erlaubnis wird strafrechtlich verfolgt!

Download "Transport ciezki" (white) 2 Lightbox:
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